Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Blue protecting from whammy

Many measures in magic sphere have been taken against whammy.There are different practices in different societies.Lead casting is one of them.Since in whammies,the question is being struck rather by a  blue eye,blue stones and beads are thought to be a remedy,a power against it or pushing power.In many places horseshoes and eggshell were used against whammy.However,it was believed that the most efficient power must come from religious items and contents to find a remedy against whammy,therefore our society used to inscribe verses and maxims from holly books on things like paper or linoleum,which were then folded diminished in order to be hanged as talismans.Talisman tradition is widely used even today and they are hung not only on people but also on commodities,houses and animals,which are loved and feared to attire whammy.

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